Katie Hopkins: 'Stop Discussing Rape Stats From Your Sofa And Take Action'

5 March 2017, 11:51 | Updated: 5 March 2017, 12:38

Katie Hopkins gets "properly angry" in this scathing rant about the way Liberals discuss rape statistics.

Katie Hopkins is back from Sweden and was discussing her trip on her Sunday morning LBC show. 

During her show, various people messaged the Presenter asking for rape statistics and studies after she mentioned on air that she wasn't interested in the statistics, instead going from her own experiences.

She said: "I'd like to respond to some of these people saying 'where is Katie on rape stats', 'Katie saying she doesn't need the studies', 'Katie saying she doesn't think the migrants are responsible for a rape epidemic'. 

"Listen, I'm very clear about where I stand on the rape stats and Sweden, and it is that: I'm sick of people sitting in their lounges, discussing rape statistics.  

"I am sick of people using the graph for their advantage, or their advantage. People twisting the figures, either to suit the agenda of the right, or to suit the agenda of the left.  

"'Oh look, rape stats are falling, Trump's talking nonsense'. 'Oh look, overall rape stats increasing, Trump must be right'. 

"I'm sick of you all, and your rape stats, if you want to see what's happening, perhaps you could get off your sofa, perhaps you could go to Rinkeby, and you could talk to some of these women, and you could put your stats away in the bin. 

"Perhaps you could do that Do you know there was a complaint about my first report from Sweden? And it's made me properly angry, in an emotional kind of way, because I suggested the young boy raped in a migrant shelter for unaccompanied minors, was 14.  

"The man who raped him was 45, and he was also an unaccompanied minor, because the Swedish politicians believe you at face value if you tell them you're a child. 

"It turns out the boy who was raped was actually 12, and the Liberals believe that's a win for them, because they got the date right, he was 12, and I said he was 14. 

"That is the state of liberalism today. That is the state of you, who believe in your statistics, and your chart. That is the sort of way you think you're winning, because you can tell someone like me I got a stat wrong, I am not interested in your stats, I'm interested in the small boy, the 12-year-old crumpled in the corner of the room, because he's been raped. And frankly I think Liberals are very wide of the mark."