Katie Hopkins’ Strident Defence Of Israel

18 September 2016, 16:08 | Updated: 19 September 2016, 12:09

This is Katie Hopkins strident defence of the state of Isreal - who she says could teach us a thing or two about about security.

Talking on her LBC show she said that Israel’s approach to keeping its citizens safe should be replicated in Britain.

Watch as she explains why in this great radio moment.

She said: "Israel for me has got a lot of things very right. And one of the reasons I know they've got a lot of things very right. is that a lot of our university campuses can't stand Israel.

"They want to boycott Israeli produce. They want to boycott mangoes. They want to have pro Palestinian protests every opportunity. That is enough for me to know that Israel's doing something right. If half of our universities are against Israel, that's enough for me to know they're doing something right.

"We just heard that Israel is digging a hole and building a wall underground - a subterranean wall along the border with Palestine. Fantastic

"Another reason too that I love them. They're building a wall underground to stop the Palestinian tunnellers. Brilliant.

"Three: Israel do not stand back and allow their people to be hurt. If you chuck in a rocket launcher from Palestine, if you are one of Hamas and you decide to chuck a rocket at Israel, they will blow up your home and the homes of your relatives. Fantastic. Go Israel, I say.

"And now Israel do profiling, so that they can take off those that might wish to cause you harm and allow only people who will be safe and will be sensible on the on a flight to board. You can take your knife with you because you are safe and sane individual. You can use cutlery on the flight because you are safe and sane individual, you don't have to use plastic like some old person in a home. And also they take off the people who might cause you harm.

"Here, in this land where of course we pro-Palensine because the BBC can't hear a bad word said about the Palestinians who have been throwing rockets at Israel for centuries, here of course we have to sit back and play spot the terrorists in case we impinge on their human rights. We've got it all wrong. Israel's got it all right."