Katie: 'Leave Voters Are Hopeful Not Hateful'

Katie Hopkins Says She's Hopeful Not Hateful

Katie Hopkins is sick of people calling Leave voters 'hateful'. On her LBC show she passionately summed up why she thinks Brexiteers are the hopeful ones.

On her show this afternoon Katie did not shy away from expressing her support for a hard Brexit, which would mean leaving the single market and customs union.

She then moved onto the attitude towards Leave voters and passionately summed up why she thinks Brexiteers are the hopeful and not hateful. 

Katie said: "Are you sick of being told what you voted didn't matter, and now is the time for us to be in the ascendance again? I notice, for example, Brendan Cox uses the alternative Queen's Speech on Channel 4. 

"You know the message that they always put out - that lot - 'is hope, not hate'. As if, as if, all Leave supporters are full of hate. You know the opposite of hope is not hate. 

"You know just because you voted to remain that doesn't make you a 'hoper'. Just because we voted to leave, the 52 per cent, the majority, does not make us haters."

She went on: "We are not haters, we're hopeful. We're hopeful for our country. We're hopeful for sovereignty for our people. We're hopeful for control of our borders.

"We're hopeful that we'll be able to get a doctor's place, a school place. We're hopeful one day we won't spend £100,000 on helping an Afghan child come home to the UK that's never even been here. We're hopeful we'll spend our money on British people. That's hope, not hate."