Katie Vs Caller Who Calls Sun & Mail Readers Stupid

6 November 2016, 13:24 | Updated: 6 November 2016, 14:03

Katie Hopkins’ response to this caller who called Sun & Daily Mail readers 'stupid' is devastating.

Peter called Katie during her LBC show and lampooned readers of the two newspapers as ‘stupid.’ They provoked a very big response from Katie.

Peter said; “stupid people read the Daily Mail and The Sun and that is the problem.They are the establishment, they are absolutely the establishment. They backed the facists in the 1930s, they backed every Tory government since.”

Katie replied; “to call the British public who read papers like The Sun, like the Daily Mail stupid, I find personally to be the very reason why I still have a voice. So if somebody like me Peter, I'm sure I do, annoys you.”

“The reason I have a voice is because I'm a big believer in The Sun. I'm a big believer in the Daily Mail. I think they help to articulate the views of millions of people in this country who feel they no longer have a voice.”

“I think they help to articulate the views of people who live in the rest of the United Kingdom, who feel like they no longer have a say ,who feel that they no longer matter who pay their taxes and all sneered down that who are stupid by people like you, Peter, who are called thick, or racist, or xenophobic just because they want to protect the country that they love for the children that they've had.”

“Because they want this country to be great. And I will not sit on this chair and have you call listeners to the show, readers of those papers stupid because I stand with them. I stand for them and I stand strong beside them Peter. So with the greatest of respect, I really think you are completely in the wrong.”