Katie's Moving Story Of Turning Down Termination

2 October 2016, 11:31 | Updated: 2 October 2016, 12:30

As pre-birth screening improves, Katie Hopkins shares her moving story of having a baby she was offered a termination for.

Katie was debating whether screening is a good idea, as studies revealed that they have hugely increased the amount of women having terminations.

She then shared this incredibly moving story about her decision to keep her daughter despite being offered a termination at eight months.

“I had my first child at twenty eight and at that point that this test wasn't available.”

“For anyone not sure, once your eight months pregnant. You're really very pregnant and the idea of going and having a you have to effectively give birth to a stillborn baby I didn't have the courage for that and it turns out my daughter is well and fine.”

“She has a gene deletion and she has an interesting view of life and is different as are we all and she's the joy and the delight and I love every day that she sees to hold differently and she has a sense of humour that teaches me something every day and that's a baby that I was offered termination for eight months.”