Hopkins: 'Why Are We Focusing On Online Hate When We've Got Hate On The Street?'

30 April 2017, 11:56 | Updated: 30 April 2017, 13:54

Katie Hopkins thinks it's ridiculous money is being spent on policing hate online, when we have hate on the street.

Katie Hopkins has been reported to the police on a number of occasions for things she has said on her social media accounts, and came under fire once again for some comments this week.

She took to her Sunday morning LBC show to get something off her chest. Katie said: "Sadiq Khan is focusing his cash on the wrong priorities. It strikes me that trying to crack down on online hate at £1.7 million, is not the priority when we have hate on the streets.  

"If we have hate on the streets, should we not be focusing on that first? Would you not rather have more police on the beat, more police in London?  65 we could buy for these funds.  

"Would you rather have them, than have five, in a nice comfy warm office, looking at people's social media feed? A Labour individual complains about my particular Tweet to the police, and he said to them that this is, I will find the actual quote of what he said, but he basically said this is some kind of hate speech, this is racial hate, please investigate.  

"And within two minutes the Met Police have got back to that individual, asking him to direct message them. 

"This happened at the same time, virtually, as the terror incident outside White Hall, and it really struck me, not really about myself, it doesn't matter about me and my conversations, or me on my Twitter feed, it really struck me how we've got terror actually happening on the street, and some police officers sat there looking at social media online being reported by Labour.  

"What? In what country does that make sense?"

She then went on to say she doesn't believe online hate exists, asking her audience: "Do you think people need to suck it up, get a life, stop reporting people because your feelings were a little bit hurt, and perhaps Sadiq Khan has got this all wrong.  

"Perhaps Sadiq Khan needs to stop focusing on the fact that we have terror online, perhaps he needs to stop focusing on hate online, that people could actually turn off if they didn't like it. 

"Perhaps he needs to focus on the fact there is hate on our streets, hate outside Whitehall, hate with people with knives, stabbing each other, six I believe in one week.  

"Perhaps Sadiq Khan needs to stop focusing on the things that people can control themselves, and focus on the stuff that's hard, and the stuff that matters. I do not believe there is such a thing as hate online."