'Anti-Trump Petition Signers Are As Empowered As An Eight-Year-Old' Says Katie

29 January 2017, 11:59 | Updated: 29 January 2017, 19:00

Katie Hopkins Trump

A petition has been set up to protest against Trump's state visit to the UK. Katie Hopkins has something to say about the "pathetic" people signing it.

A petition to prevent US President Donald Trump from making a state visit to the UK, and has already reached the 500,000 signatures needed for the petition to be considered for a debate in parliament. 

But Katie is not happy about it. She said: "You knew that was coming, didn't you? You knew. The minute Theresa May stood there and said that she'd extended the warm invitation of the Queen to Donald Trump. You knew.

"I could already hear the clacking of the knitting needs from the pussy marchers as they decided what hats they might wear to protest his state visit.

"I could also hear the clapping of the crowds as they thought about what new little placards they could write about 'Black Lives Matter' to hold that up."

She went on: "Now, oh yes, yes, they've got a petition as well because is how you feel empowered these days. Oh I just clicked on a petition, I feel so powerful as a woman. I am going to be able to stop the 45th President of the United States coming to my country."

But Katie didn't stop there. She added: "You people are pathetic. If you are clicking on a petition, if you are creating another hopeless placard, if you are knitting yourself another stupid hat with pussy ears, get a grip."

Katie said: "You. You with your sticky keyboards. You think you're empowered? You're about as empowered as my eight-year-old." 

On her LBC show this morning she chastised those signing it and said: "