Remainer Says All Leave Voters Are Racist...And Katie Responds

29 December 2016, 14:11 | Updated: 29 December 2016, 15:19

Katie Hopkins Making Case

Katie deals very calmly with Clive's fairly extraordinary claim that all Brexit voters are racist.

Clive called from the West End and was a real champion for immigration, but when he claimed that Leave voters were "fed a lot of lies", Katie had to step up to the plate on the behalf of the 52%.

"Do you think that people like myself, other people that I live amongst, work you think we weren't able to work out what we were being fed?" asked Katie.

"How were you clever enough to work out what was fear and what was truth and Leave voters weren't?"

Pressing him further, Katie asked Clive a point blank question: does he think all Leave voters are xenophobes? His answer was quite something: "I think worse than that. I think racism.

"Racism is the biggest feeling.

"When you hear people talking about immigration, it's not European immigrants!"

Katie continued: "I voted Leave and therefore I'm a xenophobe and a racist. I just wonder Clive, are there any more labels you've got for me?

"Have you been amongst migrants much?

"Have you been to the camp in Calais? Have you been outside of the West End?"

The clash really divided opinion: