Kevin Maguire Clashes With American Gun Rights Supporter

28 October 2018, 15:21

Kevin Maguire became completely exasperated when Mark repeatedly told him that more extensive background checks would not curb mass shootings in the US.

In light of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Kevin Maguire spoke with Mark Walters, a passionate supporter of gun rights and host of Armed American Radio, to get his view on gun laws in the US.

Mark seemed adamant that stricter background checks wouldn't help the situation as "a background check looks at the background, it doesn't look forward". Mark pointed out that he could name 30 mass shooters in America who had all passed background checks. "If a mad man wants to get hold of a gun, he can in America. It's unfortunate but it's true, it's a very complex issue", Mark added.

Mark went on to claim that a ban on assault weapons is not realistic and even claimed that he bought his first AR-15 during the Clinton assault weapons ban.

"It's easy to knee-jerk reaction and say my god we have to ban this, in reality that's not going to work because they can't be banned, they are already here. Millions upon millions of Americans are not going to turn in their firearms who have done nothing wrong, and that's the vast majority of Americans", he said.

"As an american gun owner we hate to see this, we're the ones that want this to stop", he claimed.

However, at this point Kevin seemed to lose his patience. Referring to gun supporters who have recently spoken out in defence of gun laws in the US, Kevin responded that "the fifth of Americans with guns are intimidating the four fifths that do not".

Kevin ended the discussion by telling Mark "I don't want your thoughts and prayers anymore".

Watch the video in full above.