Short-term Month Jail Sentences "Do Not Stop Reoffending"

26 May 2018, 12:37 | Updated: 26 May 2018, 12:41

Maajid Nawaz says its about time the justice secretary David Gauke has addressed evidence that short-term prison sentences are ineffective in preventing reoffenders.

The justice secretary has said that jail sentences of less than a year should only be used a "last resort" urging judges and magistrates to consider alternatives.

David Gauke said it was time to look at the effectiveness of short sentences in turning people away from crime.

He said that reoffending rates for people given sentences of less than 12 months were worse than people with non-custodial sentences.

Maajid Nawaz agrees with the secretary, saying he is "100% correct."

The LBC presenter said: "It's called a penitentiary for a reason, people are meant to go to jail for penance.

"And if jail isn't doing that purpose, we've got to rethink our approach.

"I'm so pleased the justice secretary has finally said it, because all of the evidence was pointing in this way.

"It's just taken the government this long to catch up with all that evidence, and that's the nature of government."