The Dangerous Behaviours Artificial Intelligence Is Learning From Humans

14 April 2017, 13:20 | Updated: 14 April 2017, 14:10

Maajid Nawaz highlights the scary reality of artificial intelligence - also known as AI - today.

Standing in for James O'Brien, Maajid Nawaz tackled the subject of artificial intelligence after a new study found that the technology is becoming racist and sexist.

Here Maajid Nawaz highlights just some of the prejudices AI has already picked up - and it's not pretty. 

Maajid said: "An algorithm declared that 18 of the 23 most captivating women in the world were white. Only one was black. I wonder where it learnt that from. 

"We're going to carry on. Microsoft's cyber simulation of a teenage girl's Twitter account went from naive teenage platitudes, as one would expect, to Hitler worship in a few hours. 

"This is an AI attempting to simulate a teenage girl. It went from naive platitude to Hitler worship, within a few hours. 

"A software linked the word 'woman' with homemaker, and 'man' with programmer. 

"It gets worse. AIs have indulged in Holocaust denial, or indeed have advertised for highly paid jobs that are exclusive to men. AI is indulging in anti-semitism, in sexism, and in racism."

But the prejudices don't stop there - Maajid Nawaz went on to describe even more, which you can see in the clip above. 

The LBC Presenter then added: "If that is what AI is learning from us, human beings, I'm wondering what does that say about us as human beings?"