Rioters at BLM demonstrations "working to dismantle rule of law in America"

30 August 2020, 16:02

By Seán Hickey

This journalist suggested that Americans are becoming skeptical of the Black Lives Matter organisation, as rioting and lawlessness takes hold in cities across the US.

Maajid Nawaz read that public approval for Black Lives Matter in the USA "nosedived since June from net +25 to zero," adding that "among whites it went from +22 to minus five."

He asked Andy Ngô, Editor-at-large of The Post Millennial why he thought these numbers were being seen.

"What's becoming clear if you pay attention to footage...when there are outbreaks of violence you will see the mantra of Black Lives Matter being uttered and/or sprayed as things are being vandalised and looted."

"I think people are waking up and seeing that while the slogan seems noble and benign, behind it lies a movement and ideology - an organised movement that is working to systematically dismantle the rule of law in America."

Maajid noted that a Trump supporter was killed by rioters in Portland on Saturday night, and footage from the scene saw rioters in high spirits after learning of the victim's death.

Maajid asked Mr Ngô why in these Democrat run cities, are authorities "not clamping down on the lawless zone and the rioting and- now killings as well?"

The editor noted that Donald Trump has offered state help which has been turned away by Democrat run city and state authorities.

"It's wise for Trump now to really put the ball in the court of the Mayor of the city and the Governor of the state to decide if they want outside assistance and if they don't, well, it's on them."

When pushed on which party will be hit worst by the rioting, Mr Ngô told Maajid that the scenes in cities like Portland are starting to push moderate Democrats to a position where they see Joe Biden as someone who "does not have the ability to lead the country."

He added that Democrats at a local level "they have no control over this." This will hurt the party greatly, as the more they sit back and allow these scenes to continue, they will be seen as the party who "tolerate and excuse violent rioting because it's done in the so-called name of racial justice."