Maajid Nawaz: Count Me In To Campaign With Nigel Farage For Second EU Referendum

13 January 2018, 12:43

LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz says he agrees with Nigel Farage that the UK needs a second EU Referendum and would be happy to campaign with him.

Maajid said "Nick Clegg agrees with Nigel. I agree with Nigel. Do you?"

Speaking on whether there should be a vote in relation to the terms of the agreement he described it as an important question.

He went on to say: "Do you think the deal that Theresa May brings back should be voted on?"

"I think it should, and I for one will be campaigning with Nigel Farage to make sure that happens.”

"It would be quite an odd pairing to see someone like Nick Clegg standing shoulder to shoulder with Nigel Farage campaigning for the same thing”.

"But politics does make odd bed fellows and that’s where we are", he added.