Maajid Nawaz: Bullying scandal further damages public trust in Boris Johnson

21 November 2020, 15:36

By Seán Hickey

Allegations of bullying made against the Home Secretary have further undermined public trust in the Prime Minister, Maajid Nawaz argues.

Maajid Nawaz reminded listeners that Priti Patel has been at loggerheads with the Civil Service for some time, and this should be taken into account when assessing the latest scandal.

"The background to her struggle against the civil service rests partly, not fully on a push for transparency, and the civil service pushing back, because other interests didn't want the grooming gang report released."

Maajid Nawaz made the case that Ms Patel's determination to have a transparent report on grooming gangs has led to a tense relationship with the Civil Service.

"It's important to remember two sides to the story," he said.

Maajid accepted that in the wake of the report accusing the Home Secretary of bullying "there is a problem here in government."

The Home Secretary has come under scrutiny amid bullying allegations
The Home Secretary has come under scrutiny amid bullying allegations. Picture: PA

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He pointed out that "ever since Cummings left you've had news story after news story after news story about cronyism and corruption," and the latest saga following Ms Patel doesn't bode well for the Prime Minister.

Maajid welcomed the Home Secretary's apology and stressed the importance of not burning bridges: "It is no good in pursuing whatever that it is she is trying to pursue in the Home Office if you burn down the structure around you."

He concluded that "the Prime Minister is losing public trust. This isn't about Priti Patel insofar as it is actually about Boris Johnson's style of government."