Caller: “My life is easier because I’m White, Male and Upper Middle Class”

11 March 2018, 15:15 | Updated: 11 March 2018, 15:26

Mark in Soho is aware his life is easier for him than it is for some of his BME friends.

He told Maajid: “Every single day I feel lucky that I was born a white, upper-class, male”.

Mark said: “It is abundantly clear to me how much easier life is for me than for my friends of colour”.

He referred to “little things” that sometimes meant an opportunity opened for him and not others.

Maajid was discussing ‘white privilege lessons’.

It comes as hundreds of university lecturers are being asked to acknowledge their “white privilege” in workshops that outline how their “whiteness” can make them unknowingly racist.

By contrast, many black staff and students are discriminated against regularly, it is claimed.