Maajid Nawaz dismantles caller who insists he is 'not British'

6 December 2020, 15:01 | Updated: 6 December 2020, 15:06

By Seán Hickey

This caller swiftly went from discussing Brexit to telling Maajid Nawaz he doesn't belong in the UK. Maajid expertly dismantled his arguments.

Maajid Nawaz was taking calls on whether a no-deal Brexit is better than a bad deal, as negotiations hit another stumbling block during the week on fishery rules.

Oswald phoned in to tell Maajid that the whole conversation is "quite evocative, nobody's talking about anything else at the moment."

The conversation took a turn when the caller said "if you zoom out of the whole Brexit debate...what will the Government do when they make a decision...will it either diminish the chance of ethnic brits becoming a minority by 2066, will it make the date further away."

Maajid took up Oswald's argument: "What's an ethnic Brit?" He asked. The caller explained that his definition encompassed people from England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

"Anglo-Saxon is an ethnicity, England is a country," Maajid pointed out, wondering if the caller considered him to be British, he was promptly told he is not, but Pakistani.

Maajid disagreed: "It's not my country, Britain is my country."

"You're not British, how hard is that to understand?" The caller reiterated.

Maajid sympathised with the caller. "You're worried that white Anglo-Saxons are being stigmatised against," he began, before noting that eh cannot discuss the matter unless the caller accepted that Maajid has "a legitimate view and a stake in my country."

"I don't think you are an equal in this country." Oswald insisted.

Maajid wound down the conversation by telling the caller "you're not gonna accept what I say even if I'm right because you think I don't belong here."

You can listen to the entire conversation above.