Maajid Nawaz takes down caller who said Hamas are not terrorists

12 January 2020, 17:22

When this caller claimed Hamas were "resistance fighters" against the terrorist state of Israel, Maajid Nawaz gave him a few facts.

Khalid from Swindon insisted that Hamas were simply trying to protect and free the Palestinians.

But when he claimed that they were peaceful and only "throw rockets here and there", Maajid decided to teach him a few things.

Maajid told him: "Sheikh Qaradawi is an Egyptian Muslim brotherhood cleric, based in Qatar. That extremist gave a fatwa to Hamas, saying it's ok to kill Israeli civilians.

"The reason I'm explaining all this to you is because you said Israel does that.

"I asked you to point to the specific law where Israel does that and you said you can't. I then pointed to the specific fatwa - because for Hamas, a fatwa is law.

"So Hamas admits to killing Israeli citizens. Israel doesn't have a law that justifies killing Palestinian civilians.

"So therefore, Hamas is a terrorist group. Israel may be many things, but isn't targeting Palestinian civilians."

Maajid enjoyed his row with Khalid
Maajid enjoyed his row with Khalid. Picture: LBC

Maajid asked if Khalid condemned that and he responded that he condemns anyone who is killing civilians, an answer that reminded the LBC host of Jeremy Corbyn's claim that he is against all forms of racism when asked about anti-Semitism.

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