Caller Who Says Maajid Shouldn’t Comment On British Matters Gets His Comeuppance

22 August 2017, 12:20 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 12:23

When this man from Woodford called LBC to say Maajid Nawaz shouldn’t be voicing his opinion on British troops in Afghanistan, he received the ultimate shut down.

Richard attempted to launch a scathing attack on Maajid, who was discussing Britain’s commitment to the war-torn country.

It comes as Donald Trump pressured Nato members to send more troops to Afghanistan as he outlined a new strategy for the US’ longest conflict.

Maajid Nawaz shuts down caller who says he shouldn't be voicing his opinion on British troops in Afghanistan.
Picture: PA/LBC

Nearly 600 British troops are currently based where parts of the country has fallen back under Taliban control or influence.

Richard wasn’t happy with Maajid giving his view on the matter, claiming it was wrong because Maajid previously served time in jail for previous links to the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir over 20 years ago.

He told Maajid: “I would like to say our troops should stay where they belong and defend where they have come from.

“Which in fact, someone like yourself, who went to prison for Islamic-related incidents, should not be be voicing his opinion on our western beliefs and how we live.

“That’s my opinion and I’m free to say it because we are not in Pakistan and we’re not in these countries that you see are so wonderful in defending.”

Maajid, of Pakistani heritage, couldn’t help but laugh at the bizarre tirade launched against him.

“You sound like a clown,” the LBC presenter said as Richard repeatedly attempted to try and move the subject away from the topic and on to religion.

Maajid continued: “People like you who want to bring everything back to foreigners, people like me not belonging here, religion, Islam, why do you believe in it, frankly, it’s disgusting.

“You’ve called in a radio show to hijack the topic to grind your own axe and you’ve made your racist overtones very clear because you’ve suggested I don’t belong in this debate, nor in this country because I’m of Pakistani origin.”

He added: “All you wanted to do, a bit like an Islamist extremist, is define me by religion and talk to me about religion.”

Watch the epic take down above.