Maajid Nawaz's Advice To The Civil Servants Briefing Jounalists On Corbyn Health Concerns

29 June 2019, 17:59

Maajid Nawaz hits out at the civil servants who told journalists about their concerns of the state of health of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Party has rejected claims that Jeremy Corbyn's health could prevent him from becoming Prime Minister after senior civil servants are reported to have expressed concern that the Labour leader is "too frail and is losing his memory".

A Labour spokesperson said Jeremy Corbyn "leads an active life" and is "in good health" after The Times reported senior civil servants feared he had become "is too ill to carry on as leader of the Labour Party".

But Maajid Nawaz says it is not the job of civil servants to interfere in this way, telling them not to fuel conspiracy theorists and undermine trust in institutions.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Getty

Speaking on his LBC show, Maajid said: "It's not the job of civil servants to interfere in this way, you may think Jeremy Corbyn is too old, but then don't vote for him, and don't brief the press.

"The more you do that, the consequence of this kind of behaviour, the more people like the civil service become politicised, the less credibility the institutions have and the more credibility conspiracy theories begin to gain.

"If our institutions become perceived as being politicised, then those who peddle alternative facts and believe in alternative realities, will find fertile ground amongst Corbyn supporters and voters.

"My advice to civil servants is the less heard from you the better.

"Don't parody Yes, Prime Minister, don't reinforce the conspiracy theories on the far left and the far right who believe mainstream media and he institutions of this country are corrupt.

"Stay in your lane and do you jobs, the rest of us have can determine whether Mr Corbyn is too old for the job or not."

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