Condemn Islamist Extremism? You Must Condemn Neo-Nazi Extremism Too

9 September 2017, 14:44 | Updated: 9 September 2017, 14:50

And if you don't you're in denial, says Maajid Nawaz

After receiving several messages asking him to stop giving Neo-Nazis unwarranted publicity, Maajid Nawaz responded with this brilliant rant.

He said: "'Why is Nawaz giving publicity to the tiny number of Neo-Nazis in the UK?' That proves to me some people are in denial."

"The fastest rising rate of referrals to Prevent is coming from people affiliated to Neo-Nazi extremism.

"How on earth can you complain that I'm giving them publicity? When the internet and what's on there, in terms of videos and extremist content, is what they're using to recruit people.

"When you've just had four suspected members of National Action arrested from our armed forces.

"When I tell you that incidents of anti-Muslim hate crime and attacks, specifically targeting Muslims with violence, like the one outside Finsbury Park mosque, are on the rise. When Charlottesville has just happened.

"And you're complaining that by me speaking about it, it's giving them publicity?

"Are you in some cloud cuckoo land? Are you seriously trying to pretend this isn't a problem that needs to be spoken about?

"Or, do you secretly wish it wasn't a problem, so you could continue focusing on Islamist extremism and jihadist terrorism as well?

"And guess what, by me speaking about this, you can't even accuse me of seeking to distract you from that problem because I am defined by my mission against Islamist theocratic thinking, I set up an organisation to challenge Islamist extremism."

"That frankly makes you look sympathetic to them."

Watch the whole monologue above.