Corbyn's Brexit Ambiguity "One Of The Great Mysteries Of The Universe"

13 January 2019, 15:37 | Updated: 13 January 2019, 15:41

Maajid Nawaz takes a swipe at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for not being clear on where he stands on Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that he would extend Article 50 if he won a general election in order to renegotiate an exit deal with the European Union, and has hinted at his own opposition to a second referendum.

But a recent study of Labour members revealed that nearly 90% would prefer to remain within the bloc, with 72% thinking the party's leader should fully support the campaign for a second vote.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable also hit out at Mr Corbyn for "sitting on the fence", saying that his Brexit stance is now more confusing than ever.

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Getty

Speaking on his LBC show, Maajid Nawaz hit out at the Labour leader, calling his ambiguity "one of the great mysteries of the universe".

"As leader of the Labour Party in this day and age he is somewhat vague about where he stands," he said.

"At conference he did support the idea that he would listen to his membership and do what he's members want, but it doesn't seem to have transpired so far.

"I have some confidence in where Sir Keir Starmer stands on our membership of the EU.

"If you were to ask me where somebody like  Sadiq Khan stands I could tell you that. 

"But unfortunately, for whatever reasons of his own design, we're somewhat vague as to what Jeremy Corbyn currently believes about what should happen with Brexit."