Covid 'freedom passes' are breach of civil liberties, Maajid Nawaz insists

5 December 2020, 15:13 | Updated: 5 December 2020, 17:25

By Seán Hickey

Proposals to introduce immunity certificates as a means to control coronavirus are an encroachment on British civil liberties, according to Maajid Nawaz.

Confusion has arisen after Michael Gove said there would be no introduction of so-called freedom passes after the coronavirus vaccine is rolled out. SAGE advisers and the minister in charge of rolling out the vaccine have contradicted that claim.

"What I'm worried about with this situation is civil liberties, is are we in danger of death by a thousand cuts here," Maajid Nawaz worried.

"Before we realise it, we're in a situation where we've got an immunity certificate, we can't leave the home without masks, we cannot leave our own tiered little region," he argued.

Maajid added that "we have no accountability for the Government," at the moment and people must be skeptical of power during this time.

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'Freedom passes' have been proposed to keep track of people who have received the Covid-19 jab
'Freedom passes' have been proposed to keep track of people who have received the Covid-19 jab. Picture: PA

"At what point do we think 'oh no, we let this pass by us when we should have stopped it then, now we have very little freedom left, and very few civil liberties left."

"I am categorically opposed to the idea of immunity certificates," Maajid announced.

He felt that "it's really really important that we don't have a legal way for a police officer to say to anyone on the streets, 'where are your papers?'"

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