Coronavirus: "West must stand up to China" says Iain Duncan-Smith

29 March 2020, 15:06

By Seán Hickey

The West will have to stand up to China and bring some of its industry out of the country after coronavirus ends.

Iain Duncan-Smith joined Maajid Nawaz on the line after writing an article critical of the communist regime in China and how the West has spent far too long bending to every will of the country.

"There are a whole range of problems with China that just grow and grow the more we feed it" said Mr. Duncan-Smith. he believes strongly that the coronavirus crisis was inflated because of the WHO's reluctance to condemn the Asian country for hiding numbers in the beginning of the outbreak.

"there wasn't much action on china when coronavirus came out" the MP said. He referenced another article that alleged the World Health Organisation was financially supported by the Chinese regime before coronavirus hit and may be why the WHO didn't act sooner.

"It's not just about the present problem of coronavirus" Duncan-Smith added, making the point that China's record against Uighur Muslims and their controversial stance in Tibet are other aspects of the regime that should be taken into mind by the West when dealing with them.

Coronavirus: "West must stand up to China" says Iain Duncan-Smith
Coronavirus: "West must stand up to China" says Iain Duncan-Smith. Picture: PA

He said to Maajid the "complete dismissal of any criticism" that China has should be another alarm bell for the West, who has become too reliant on Chinese production for everything from phone technology to hand sanitisers.

"Low and high tech technology are now dependent on China" the MP said, and begged the UK and the wider West to not shrug and ask "what can we do" but rather tell China enough is enough.