Danny Dyer Should Have Picked On Corbyn, Not Cameron

1 July 2018, 12:59 | Updated: 2 July 2018, 09:57

Maajid Nawaz doesn't think Danny Dyer was right to target the former Prime Minister David Cameron, and instead should have pointed his anger towards the leader of the opposition.

"Where does Corbyn stand?" asks Maajid.

"Does anybody know?"

The LBC presenter took a dig at the Labour leader for not having a stance on a second Brexit vote.

"We know where Theresa May stands now, and it's actually calling a bit of a revolt in her cabinet," he said. "That's all fair and well, that's great. At least we know where she stands.

"You know where I stand; your friendly radio host is telling you he voted remain, wants a second vote, and he will reject the terms of the deal Theresa May brings back because I hope we stay in the European Union.

"You know where I stand, at least you can attack me for it, and criticise me for it.

"Where on earth does this vagueness, and lack of position, lack of a spine, lack of a backbone apple to Corbyn's Labour party?

"No-one knows where he stands because he's being gutless on the most important constitutional question of our age."

Actor Danny Dyer became an internet sensation for calling the former Prime Minister David Cameron a t*** during a rant on Good Evening Britain, where he sat alongside Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

But Maajid was critical of his comments, saying they were pointed at the wrong politician.

"No offence Mr Dyer, you took the easy option," Maajid said.

"You should have been asking the chap sitting right next to you.

"That's the real question, because if Corbyn was clear on this you'd have a real opposition."