Caller breaks down why Joe Biden will lose the US Presidential race

29 August 2020, 15:47 | Updated: 29 August 2020, 15:54

By Seán Hickey

This caller explained that the Democrats focus on race relations will result in Donald Trump winning a second term as US President.

Maajid Nawaz put out the thought that Joe Biden is going to lose the US election after the race for the Presidency tightened in some battleground states.

David phoned in to agree with Maajid that Trump will stay in the White House after November's election. He began by stating that Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris "needed to say more about policy."

"Americans aren't daft, you have to say something about the problems in America and what you're going to do."

David thought that the focus on race was alienating many potential voters and was leading to support for Trump creeping up. "You have to talk about class as well and you have to unite the working classes across gender and race," he posited.

Maajid understood the caller's argument in there being a need to address social mobility and class rather than race.

The caller claimed Joe Biden is ignoring the white working classes
The caller claimed Joe Biden is ignoring the white working classes. Picture: PA

David went on to note that the problem falls at the feet of the media in the US, who fixate on race and "that does play into people that might support trump's playbook."

He said that these people may be tired of only hearing about the plight of one group. "Black people are oppressed, yeah but my life isn't a box of chocolates either," he imagined these voters to think.

David stressed again that it is "very important you speak to the class and social and economic interests."

Maajid pointed out that "one of the most marginalised and underrepresented demographics in this country is the white working class man," and ignoring this group will prove fatal to the Democrats.