“You Should Know Better!” Enraged Caller Hangs Up On Maajid After Flaming Rant

7 September 2017, 16:39

Maajid Nawaz was almost lost for words after this caller from Essex embarked on a truly bizarre rant before slamming the phone down.

Sheila was audibly irate with the LBC presenter after his discussion about a Labour MP’s call for a change in passport regulations.

Tulip Siddiq wants reform after she was stopped at UK border control until her husband joined them because she didn’t have the same surname in her passport as her child.

But the LBC caller was not having any of it.

“You know jolly well you don’t go to the airport with a child with a different name, even the most naive of us know this,” Sheila fumed.

“How many more laws can we change Maajid for everyone’s willy nillies, what else do they want to change?

“Why don’t we scrap everything now and make new laws altogether, don’t you think the Home Office has enough to do at the moment?”

Becoming more enraged, Sheila then took aim at John Lewis’ latest decision to remove gender-specific labels.

She continued: “Everyone wants this law changed, that law changed”.

“You are very, very naughty. Very naughty Maajid,” Sheila finished before hanging up and leaving the LBC presenter gobsmacked.

Watch the entertaining call above.