'Fake News Comes From The Left As Well As The Right' Says Maajid Nawaz

12 March 2017, 13:36 | Updated: 12 March 2017, 13:53

While "fake news" may be generally associated with Trump and the right, it comes from the left as well, says Maajid Nawaz.

LBC Presenter Maajid Nawaz sums up his definition of what 'fake news' is - and he says it comes from both the left and the right side of the political spectrum. 

On his Sunday afternoon show, he said: "Fake news isn't just coming from Trump. It's also coming from activists on the 'control left', it's coming, in other words, from everyone.

"We don't know think of fake news emanating from our side of the political spectrum because of this thing called conformation bias. We are all up in arms and angry about fake news coming from Trump supporters, but actually the left are also equally culpable."

Maajid then went onto reference an article from Buzzfeed, which he says is the "bible of the left", which highlighted 'fake news' from the left. 

He went on: "I define fake news, which I believe comes from the left and the right, lets just stop blaming the right for everything. I define fake news...as things that didn't happen, ie. hoaxes, and deliberately editing things that did happen to pretend they didn't happen."