Maajid Nawaz's Fascinating Call With Irish Listener On Belfast 'Peace Walls'

20 April 2019, 13:32 | Updated: 20 April 2019, 13:37

Maajid Nawaz takes an insightful call from an Irish listener who is saddened that 'peace walls' are still separating communities in Belfast.

Maajid Nawaz had told listeners that when he visited Belfast eight years ago he was surprised to see physical walls separating Republican and Unionist neighbourhoods.

With gates that locked at night, the 'peace lines' or 'peace walls' were built to minimise violence between the Protestants and Catholics and stretch from being a few hundred yards to more than three miles.

So when a listener in Belfast called into Maajid's show, he was shocked to hear that they were still up.

Donall told Maajid that there is "still tension" between the two communities and that consultations on reducing he number of walls found that people wanted them to stay.

A 'peace wall' in Belfast, Northern Ireland
A 'peace wall' in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Picture: PA

Donell told Maajid: "The sad thing is that people who live on both sides of that wall are in favour of it.

"That is the sad truth of 2019, 21 years after the Good Friday Agreement.

"We take it for granted it is a part of every day life.

"We've been living now for more than two years without any form of civic government here, both major parties can not work together, do not wish to work together, and the death of Lyra McKee she is another victim of The Troubles.

"A frightening point is that the kids who have been arrested, they aren't even old enough to remember the signing of the Good Friday Agreement let alone the darkest days of The Troubles."

Listen to the fascinating call in full in the video above.