Reformed racist thanks Maajid Nawaz for helping him change his mindset

13 June 2020, 16:23 | Updated: 13 June 2020, 16:25

By Seán Hickey

In a powerful exchange, this caller thanked Maajid Nawaz for helping him wake up and fight his own racism.

Mike phoned in to LBC on a day that sees far-right protesters taking to the streets against anti-racism protesters after protests last week ended with a statue in Bristol being toppled.

He wanted to take his opportunity to tell Maajid that "thanks to your speech on the radio, I realised the way all the minorities, not just black people, the way they think" and added that he has "been racist, but I have changed."

Addressing all minorities in the UK and further afield, Mike said that he "would like to apologise to all of them, and thank you personally for opening my mind."

He went on to explain that he could feel a dark cloud descend during Brexit times and felt racism against Eastern Europeans rise as the trigger in his own feelings of racism. He went on to explain that he had employed and fired a few black people during this time, which stoked underlying feelings of racism he had.

Mike thanked Maajid Nawaz for helping him see that he was harbouring racist tendencies
Mike thanked Maajid Nawaz for helping him see that he was harbouring racist tendencies. Picture: PA

Mike thanked Maajid for making the conversation on racism colourblind. He went on to state that "it is not about black and white" and that "white people from Eastern Europe faced racism in Britain" which he counts as the beginnings of his own racist views.

Maajid was curious to find out that if Mike had converted himself "does that give you hope that people can change their minds."

The man, who came to the UK from Bulgaria, told Maajid that anything is possible.

He believed that if there were "more and more people talking like you, not about religion or the colour of your skin, put people" then he can see more people seeing the error of their ways.