Public must demand transparency in lockdown regulations, Maajid Nawaz insists

29 November 2020, 15:30

By Seán Hickey

Following the Met Commissioner's comments supporting stop and search as a preventative measure, Maajid Nawaz urged listeners to remain skeptical of power.

Maajid Nawaz pointed out the disparity between police approaches to BLM protests versus their attitude anti-lockdown protests where police had violently clamped down on demonstrators.

Along with this disparity, "you've got the chief of the Met police saying racial profiling works while we're in emergency law and people are losing their jobs," Maajid noted, warning "this is very dangerous."

"Do you really want police on video beating people because it's good for us?"

Maajid feared that if the public lie down and accept restrictions without scrutiny there could be negative repercussions. "With stop and search being encouraged by the head of the Met I wonder if thats the direction we're headed."

Maajid Nawaz urged listeners to remain wary of power
Maajid Nawaz urged listeners to remain wary of power. Picture: PA

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"We know what does happen, we don't know why the decisions were made, this is the time to be extremely wary and suspicious of power. Because it's the most power a Government has ever had during our lifetimes."

"If the time now is not the time to make a democratic and legal stand for transparency when we are under a situation more severe than any other time we've been in our lives," Maajid argued, "if now is not the time to demand the truth, when is?"

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