Maajid Nawaz urges public to call out hatred and division in the wake of pandemic

26 September 2020, 16:01 | Updated: 26 September 2020, 17:17

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz used the example of a listener's text to show that the UK is headed towards a future of hatred and bigotry if we begin to live in fear of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maajid read out a text where a caller who was clearly fearful of second wave in his conversation with Maajid used racist language to attack him after their conversation. Maajid was talking about the importance of having an open mind towards the lockdown and having lighter strategies in future.

"That's the kind of bigotry I'm saying is going to occur in the country," Maajid claimed after reading the text.

"I'm calling out the fear that leads to that bigotry, that's the point."

"Ethnic minorities and white working class men are going to suffer when this economy collapses," he said, "and will turn on each other with precisely that kind of language."

Maajid warned "fear leads to anger and hate, that's what I'm calling out."

Maajid Nawaz warned that hatred and bigotry will rise in the wake of the pandemic
Maajid Nawaz warned that hatred and bigotry will rise in the wake of the pandemic. Picture: PA

The point Maajid was trying to get across was that Brits cannot turn against one another in this delicate time, noting "we've got to understand that that's what happens when the economy goes down."

"Imagine the rest of the country turning on each other when 7.5% of the workforce out of work," he said, trying to push listeners towards a point of compassion rather than fear.

"The silver lining in that horrible text is, if we can all realise that's what's going to happen perhaps we can all work to stop it happening to stop us turning on each other."

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