Maajid Nawaz's "Head-banging" Frustration By Remain Parties Polling Ahead Of EU Elections

21 April 2019, 14:31 | Updated: 21 April 2019, 14:49

Maajid Nawaz delivers a message of frustration to Remain parties: These elections are not about you, it's about membership of the European Union.

Maajid Nawaz expresses his frustration at the three Remain parties for not joining forces against Brexiteers ahead of the European Parliament elections.

Pointing his finger at the Liberal Democrats, Change UK and Green Party, Maajid said: "By splitting your ticket in this way, it's head-bangingly frustrating for Remainers, and as a result you're trailing right down there with Ukip.

"You should be embarrassed!"

Polling ahead of the European elections suggest voting intentions for the Brexit Party is above Conservative and Labour, but frustratingly for Maajid the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and Change UK are not polling at a close second because they are competing against each other.

Maajid Nawaz has frustrated by Remain parties for standing on separate tickets in the EU elections
Maajid Nawaz has frustrated by Remain parties for standing on separate tickets in the EU elections. Picture: LBC

Maajid said: "If they had got together on one common Remain ticket, then we could add up their various percentage points and that would be a very near second, right under The Brexit Party.

"Isn't that great?

"You would have a chance of blimmin' winning."

"All you had to do was reach an agreement, don't compete against each other stand together and now Ukip's beating you.

"You think this election was about you, it wasn't about you, it's about our membership of the European Union, it was about Brexit and Remain.

"It wasn't about whether people like the face of Chuka Umunna or Anna Soubry and what they stand for, because we still don't know what they stand for.

"What we do know is that they stand for Remain, so if they stood together on a Remain platform they would have been at 25% instead of trailing behind with Ukip.

"And that's vomit inducing."

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