Maajid Nawaz's Hilarious Row With Caller Who Wants Black Bond But Not Gay Spider-Man

30 June 2019, 14:56 | Updated: 30 June 2019, 15:31

This is the hilarious row between Maajid Nawaz and a caller who would rather drop his argument for a black James Bond if it meant keeping Spider-Man straight.

Imran revealed to Maajid he was a massive Spider-Man fan, having grown up with the comic series.

But he made an impassioned case against outing the popular superhero as gay after actor Tom Holland made the suggestion.

The British actor, who currently plays the character, said Spider-Man could portrayed as gay in a future film - something that would make him the first explicitly LGBT superhero in the history of film.

But in this entertaining call with Maajid, Imran put his case forward as to why Spider-Man should remain straight.

"It would break hearts," he said. "It would ruin the whole story!"

"For us who read comics, it means a lot. My childhood, that was something that saved me, something I had to turn to during difficult times.

"He could be bisexual but it would be strange, it would change the story."

The call then took an entertaining twist when Maajid asked Imran whether he would be in favour of a black James Bond - to which the caller said yes.

And as Maajid pressed him, it looked as if Imran was about to change his views on Spider-Man - until he ended with a final and disappointing remark.

Watch above.