Maajid Nawaz: Hope For Peace In Middle East Lies With 'Monster' Putin

6 May 2018, 13:18 | Updated: 6 May 2018, 14:35

The UK's Foreign Secretary is heading to the Washington to convince the US President not to walk away from the Iran nuclear deal.

A number of documents that allegedly reveal Iran has not kept to its nuclear deal is prompting the United States to walk away.

Boris Johnson is heading to Washington to convince the President not to walk away before 12th May - the date for Trump to decide whether to continue suspending economic sanctions on Iran.

But Maajid Nawaz points out that Russia is the only country that still has diplomatic ties with every single player involved.

"I wonder if that makes him a good diplomat?" he said.

"Somehow he's managed to retain diplomatic ties with everyone in this conflict."

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of supplying advanced weapons to Syria, that pose a danger to Israel.

Mr Netanyahu said that Iran has delivered weapons to Syria "in order to attack us both on the battlefield and on the home front."

"We are determined to block Iran's aggression against us even if this means a struggle.

"Better now than later.

"We do not want escalation, but we are prepared for any scenario."