'It's not blasphemy that I think for myself' - Maajid Nawaz reminds the left

3 September 2020, 15:49 | Updated: 3 September 2020, 15:51

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Maajid Nawaz reminded the left and liberals that it was not "blasphemy" that he thinks for himself after a debate with a caller.

After a heated disagreement with a caller over post-Brexit trade deals LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz delivered a passionate monologue.

Maajid branded the caller "disrespectful" after he didn't listen to what the presenter had to say and instead "just repeated what you think I've said to you without even listening to the question I put to you, it's quite disrespectful."

"One of my concerns on this show and people that from generally from the left and a liberal perspective, somehow think I have no right to disagree with them," Maajid said.

He added that people call up "all animated as if it's blasphemy that I think for myself."

Maajid pondered if it was a case of people not being used to "somebody looking like me thinking for themselves?"

He said it was "a regular pattern from the left" which he finds highly frustrating.

In a plea to listeners, Maajid asked when he puts a question to someone they should do him "the courtesy and the dignity to listen to the question respond to it."

Maajid delivered a powerful monologue after a caller didn't listen to him
Maajid delivered a powerful monologue after a caller didn't listen to him. Picture: LBC

Maajid said he asked the caller a specific question and "he didn't respond to it. And that's my point there that you can't then just continue talking over me as if I don't exist."

He said part of the problem was that people on "the left and liberal spectrum" seem to "constantly tell people like me is don't appropriate voices of colour.

"Don't ignore voices of colour, don't talk over or at voices of colour. "

He said as a remainer and a liberal he was "posing certain questions because I have an independent mind."

He urged people not to talk to him "as if I have no right to disagree with you."

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