Calling for removal of Jesus' statues "will divide us further" Maajid Nawaz warns

27 June 2020, 16:31

By Seán Hickey

If the left become fixated on reforming monuments too quickly, there is a chance the result will be a massive backlash.

Amid the Archbishop of Canterbury's plan to begin an audit on Church of England statues, where he also noted that the portrayal of Jesus Christ as white could be problematic.

Maajid began a conversation on the depiction of Jesus in churches, and how being too brash in any plans to change how Jesus is portrayed will end sympathy for the anti-racism movement.

He went on to point out that calling for statues of Jesus to come down for racial inaccuracy "doesn't have the same harm as glorifying someone who was a slaver."

"I'm gonna remind you that not only will there be a hard right reaction to this" Maajid said, but there will also be a regression into people voting for more conservative policies out of fear.

He said that "if you try and push too hard...all you end up with is blood, gore and violence."

"To push too hard on this will create a backlash, the likes of which we haven't seen for a long time in the west, and will divide us further" Maajid predicted.

Maajid warned that politicians like Trump could capitalise on division coming as a result of debates on statues
Maajid warned that politicians like Trump could capitalise on division coming as a result of debates on statues. Picture: PA

In a moment of wisdom, Maajid warned that "to argue knowing you're right will produce the opposite of what you want."

Maajid referenced a tweet where one left wing commentator thought it a good idea for statues of Jesus to be taken down because of their historical inaccuracy.

"One voice said we're going to tear a statue of Jesus down and the internet prepares for World War Three" he told listeners that the tweet in question has already kick started a narrative for Donald Trump to adopt in his presidential campaign.

"President Trump is campaigning to protect Jesus, do you really think you're gonna win that one?" He stated, adding that "if you start making a big thing of taking statues of Jesus down, Trump will win comfortably."