Why Have The Lib Dems Failed To Inspire Members Leaving Labour Over Brexit?

26 January 2019, 14:25 | Updated: 26 January 2019, 14:26

Maajid Nawaz questions why the Liberal Democrats have failed to inspire members leaving the Labour Party over their Brexit stance amid calls for a new pro-Remain political party.

Speaking on his LBC show, Maajid Nawaz said: "It's no longer relevant whether you're left wing or right wing, what's becoming more relevant is whether you're a Remainer or Leaver.

He also noted rumours that it was time a new pro-Remain political party to enter Westminster.

"Don't we already have a third party?" he said.

"It's called the Liberal Democrats, but why have they failed to capture the public's imagination?

"The only party that has a clear pro-Remain stance and yet despite that has failed to capture the imagination of the public."

Maajid Nawaz in the LBC studio
Maajid Nawaz in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

The campaign leaders' comments come as The Times reports an exodus of Labour members who are leaving the party because of its stance on holding another referendum.

"Why have the Lib Dems failed to capture the attention of those who are deserting the Labour Party over the European Union debate?" he said.

"Where do they go?"