"Putting Lives At Risk": GP Blasts Government For Making No-Deal Brexit Possible

8 September 2019, 14:53 | Updated: 8 September 2019, 15:03

A GP has lashed out at the government over allowing a possible no-deal Brexit, warning that it could put lives at risk.

Wendy, a GP in Norwich, said that her main priority is to stop Brexit and said that the government were putting lives at risk.

She said: "My main priority is stopping Brexit, mainly because of the problems for the NHS that it's going to cause.

"GPs all received emails three times earlier in the year from Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, warning us about stockpiling and airlifting in medication and short shelf life drugs such as cancer treatments.

"This is completely unprecedented, I've been a GP for 23 years and I've never known a government to put lives at risk like this.

"GP surgeries round here have also received a letter two weeks ago from Clinical Commissioning Groups warning us about what to expect the day after, and a free phone number to ring if we've got problem with supply of drugs et cetera."

It follows numerous reports and leaked documents highlighting potential risks of leaving the EU without a Brexit deal, prompting concern from industry leaders and health professionals.