Pubs reopening marks end of "sledgehammer to crack a nut" lockdown strategy

4 July 2020, 16:15 | Updated: 4 July 2020, 16:32

By Seán Hickey

Local lockdowns will be the only way forward for the UK as England loosens restrictions, Maajid Nawaz said.

Maajid Nawaz dubbed today independence day for England as lockdown is eased drastically to allow bars, restaurants and hairdressers to reopen. He spoke to Alberto, who insisted that he had "got it wrong by encouraging people" to go out and go to pubs.

Maajid argued with the South Wales native, pointing out that "the Chancellor has said 'eat out to help out'" and thus suggested it is ok for people to go to the pub.

Alberto told Maajid that "the logic is that the more people that go out tonight there'll be more deaths" to which Maajid disagreed.

Maajid stated the main reason he saw that England has eased lockdown was because "there has been no discernible increase in coronavirus yet in England detected...since the BLM protests."

England reopened bars and restaurants today
England reopened bars and restaurants today. Picture: PA

"The way forward is that never again do we go into a national lockdown because it is a sledgehammer to crack a nut." Maajid imagined.

"If Leicester has an outbreak, why does Alberto in South Wales need to suffer?" He said, adding that the whole country should not pay the price for the errors of another region.

He called for more "localised lockdowns - the South Korea model" going forward so the economy can get back up and running while simultaneously carrying out safety regulations to keep control of coronavirus.

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