Maajid Destroys Guardian Columnist’s Suggestion To Topple Nelson’s Column

22 August 2017, 13:18 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 14:12

A Guardian columnist has written that Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square should be toppled - but Maajid Nawaz has perfectly summed up why that suggestion is “puerile”.

In the controversial article, writer Afua Hirsch describes Admiral Horatio Nelson as a “white supremacist” and a “slave trader”.

As the US argues over whether to remove confederate statues, Ms Hirsch says the monument, which has stood in London for over 150 years, should also be torn down.

Maajid Nawaz on why it's wrong to suggestion Nelson's Column is toppled.
Picture: LBC/PA

Discussing the article on his show, Maajid denounced the idea, describing it as an attempt to try and censor history just because it offends some people.

“Where do you draw the line,” the LBC presenter said as he embarked on his passionate rant.

“Let’s start tearing down Richard the Lion Heart because he participated in the crusade and that offends me too.

“Why stop there? Queen Victoria, she reigned over the British Empire and colonised large parts of the world including South Asia.

“Let’s stop calling it Victoria Station, Victoria Hall, let’s remove everything with Queen Victoria’s name on it - including all the Navy ships we named after her.”

He continued: “What about Queen Elizabeth? Queen Elizabeth reigned over for a brief time when we still had some remanence of the Empire left.

“Let’s remove everything with Queen Elizabeth’s name on it, including any monuments and statues put up to her name.”

Maajid finished: “Hold on, she’s still our Queen isn’t she - that means we’ve got to remove the monarchy.”

Watch the brilliant take above.