Maajid Nawaz Exposes Jacob Rees-Mogg's Abortion Hypocrisy

1 October 2017, 15:22 | Updated: 7 November 2017, 14:20

Maajid said the Conservative MP is totally opposed to abortion, except when he can make money from it.

Jacob Rees-Mogg recently took to the Good Morning Britain sofa to voice his opposition to abortion even for pregnancies resulting from rape. He has since admitted that his investment firm profits from pills used in abortions.

The devout Catholic Mr Rees-Mogg defended his investment fund's £5m venture in an Indonesian company called Kalbe Farma.

The company produces pills that are used to treat stomach ulcers but they are commonly used to trigger terminations in black market clinics, abortion being illegal in Indonesia.

Maajid said Rees-Mogg's investment and profits amounted to rank hypocrisy
Maajid said Rees-Mogg's investment and profits amounted to rank hypocrisy. Picture: LBC

The Conservative MP told the Sunday Mirror: “It would be wrong to pretend that I like it but the world is not always what you want it to be."

Maajid Nawaz said Rees-Mogg was happy to profit from abortion abroad but opposed to it when a woman in the UK was raped.

He said: "You've got this great hypocrisy that he is defending by saying the world isn't perfect.

"Frankly, Mr Mogg, I agree with you. The world isn't perfect. And because the world isn't perfect sometimes rape happens.

"In this imperfect world where nasty men rape women, and then get them pregnant, those women want to have the right to expunge the seed of their rapist in their belly.

"So when they remove that seed from their belly, their answer to you will be that the world isn't perfect.

"How on earth can you oppose a woman resorting to that measure after she's been raped when you make money from that same measure?"

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