"Unfit For Office": Maajid Nawaz's Powerful Speech About Boris Johnson Threatening To Break The Law

7 September 2019, 13:55

Maajid Nawaz launched into a powerful rant about Boris Johnson and his threat to ignore a law that would prevent a no-deal Brexit.

The LBC presenter accused Boris Johnson of hyprocrisy and told listeners that any Prime Minister who undermines the law is "unfit for office".

He said: "I think it's incredibly hypocritical for an unelected Prime Minister, who has been selected by the Conservative Party rather than through a general election, to call a law passed through the democratically-elected parliament undemocratic.

"The stench of hypocrisy around calling parliament undemocratic in this instance, it really is unbearable. He has a mandate of 0.5% of the country.

"We really truly are, for a Prime Minister who loves the classics, in Roman times, where you've got a strongman leader poo-pooing a democratically-elected senate, wishing instead he was an emperor."

Maajid also criticised "Rasputin-like figure" Dominic Cummings and his influence over Boris Johnson's decisions.

It follows Boris Johnson's threat to ignore the law passed by MPs and Lords to prevent a no-deal Brexit.