Maajid Nawaz Fiercely Argues That Jeremy Corbyn Should Never Be Prime Minister

6 October 2019, 17:08

Maajid Nawaz responded to news that Jeremy Corbyn wants to be interim prime minister by slamming the Opposition leader and calling for "anyone but Corbyn, but never Corbyn".

Maajid said: "Here is why Jeremy Corbyn must never become the interim prime minister of any government anywhere in the world, ever."

He broke it down into four points why the interim prime minister could be "anyone but Corbyn, but never Corbyn".

The first reason was his unpopularity. He said: "This is the least popular leader of Her Majesty's Opposition since records began - and records began in 1977, which is when I was born and, therefore, for 42 years, since records began, there has never been a less popular leader of Her Majesty's Opposition.

He's polling at -60, that is lower than Michael Foot was polling and so if you think that the real problem is the hard Brexiter Boris Johnson with his band of dogmatists who have dominated 10 Downing Street, you just wait until you get that other dogmatist, Jeremy Corbyn, into 10 Downing Street who also happens to be a Brexiter. A lifelong Brexiter."

Maajid Nawaz Argues That Jeremy Corbyn Should Never Be Prime Minister
Maajid Nawaz Argues That Jeremy Corbyn Should Never Be Prime Minister. Picture: PA

His second point was an expansion on this, that "Corbyn is a Brexiter".

The third point, he explained is the potential breakup of the Union. He said: "It's highly likely he will cut a deal with Nicola Sturgeon and assure her of support for perhaps another Scottish referendum if the SNP back his bid to become interim prime minister in the House of Commons."

He added: "You wait until Scotland has another referendum and see how bad that one gets."

Maajid then said: "In the hypothetical situation that they won, would do you think Scexit would like?"

The last reason, was alleged institutional anti-semitism in the Labour party. He said: "It's a betrayal of one of the most vulnerable minorities in this country. I am not prepared to repeat history and sell our Jewish cousins short down the road, for short-term political gain.

It would mean a betrayal of our Jewish communities It would mean them as equal citizens in this country fearing that they would no longer be treated as such."

Maajid Nawaz concluded that "whoever it is it must never be Corbyn".