Maajid Nawaz Pulls Apart Caller Who Backs Donald Trump's Climate Change Denial

4 June 2019, 14:52

When this caller insisted that Donald Trump is right to deny climate change and scientists back him up, Maajid Nawaz wouldn't let him get away with it.

Christopher called LBC to defend the President amid wide-spread protests across London against his state visit.

He told Maajid: "Can we talk a bit about alleged climate change?"

When Maajid queried the use of the word 'alleged', the caller insisted that there are scientists who back up his claims.

But after Maajid asked him to name just one scientist, the only people Christopher could name were a journalist and a politician with no scientific background.

Maajid Nawaz silenced this climate change denier
Maajid Nawaz silenced this climate change denier. Picture: PA / LBC

Maajid told him: "There is a unanimous consensus with scientists that man-made climate change is real, that we through our behaviour have impacted the changing climate.

"There is a near-climate scientist consensus.

"That fact that when I ask you that question, you respond to me by saying Nigel Lawson suggests to me that there aren't any climate scientists that you're aware of who question that scientific evidence."

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