Maajid Nawaz Thinks Caller Is In Denial About No-Deal Brexit

26 August 2019, 13:44

A caller angered Maajid Nawaz when he refused to accept an alternative to a no-deal Brexit.

Maajid Nawaz was challenged by a caller to name an alternative plan to a no-deal, and Maajd laid out his preference for a no-confidence vote in parliament and legislation to trigger a second EU referendum with the option to remain.

Paul from Bow kept talking over Maajid and refused to accept that his version of events was possible, saying there were "no signs of anybody doing it".

He said: "You have answered me with a fantasy, because that is not going to happen. There's no sign of it happening, you can't ask me why something that isn't going to happen isn't going to happen, because you can point to no sign of it happen."

However, a frustrated Maajid explained that MPs are on holiday, and that is why there is no discussion of the plan to trigger another referendum.

Maajid said to the caller: "What do you mean there's no sign of it happening? Boris Johnson has a majority of one and the signs of it happening will be after October 9, when parliament sits after recess.

"Are you listening to me Paul? Are you actually listening to the me Paul?"

The caller continued to repeat his view that there was "no sign of it happening", and Maajid said he feels like he's "talking to a brick wall".