Maajid Nawaz Challenges Caller On The Government Ignoring Parliament

1 September 2019, 14:08

This caller tried to justify Michael Gove's statement that if parliament voted to stop no-deal Brexit, the government may choose to ignore that legislation.

In an attempt to measure language surrounding the Brexit crisis, Maajid pulled up Nick in Croydon when he attempted to defend Michael Gove's statement that the government may ignore the legislature.

Parliament, which has taken control of the order paper once before, is threatening to do the same again to avoid a no-deal Brexit. Following this, Michael Gove, the minister in charge of preparing for Britain's exit, has said the government may ignore that legislation.

Nick in Croydon tried to defend the government by saying that this was "whataboutery" and that fictional scenarios are not relevant to current political discourse.

This prompted Maajid to explain the true meaning of "whataboutery", and made the point strongly, that it would be a dangerous symbol if the government were to ignore legislation passed by the Commons.