Maajid Nawaz fears Rupert Murdoch wants Boris Johnson kicked out of No10

19 April 2020, 15:02

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz tried to find the motive behind writing an article filled with half-truths, coming up with an intimidating conclusion.

Maajid was referencing an article released by The Sunday Times claiming that the government was slow to act appropriately against the spread of coronavirus and there has been a disconnect between what was recommended by health professionals and what the government were doing.

He began by pointing out that from the beginning there was a disconnect between advice given by the World Health Organisation and the true danger of Covid-19. He stated that the "government were following WHO advice which was wrong because of Chinese propaganda".

Maajid argued that the government was not only listening to advice, "but listened so much that Boris Johnson ended up in hospital" for being so thorough in his response.

Sharing the the point that the changing of method by the government throughout the early stages of the outbreak is normal, Maajid put simply that it was because it is the government's job to "pivot based on new advice" .

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In what Maajid branded a "blatant and clear hatchet job" by the newspaper, Maajid suggested that there was an ulterior motive to the article being written as a half-truth, as he put on air.

"Rupert Murdoch perhaps doesn't support Boris Johnson as Prime Minister" he claimed.

Maajid stated that through printing a piece that landed the PM in such hot water it has brought his role as PM into question. He concluded that there is a motive to have another Prime Minister that the media mogul prefers behind the article.