Maajid Nawaz: We Are Fighting An Insurgency In Our Own Country

16 September 2017, 13:51

"There are 3,000 operational jihadists in the UK in an ideological struggle against our values."

Maajid Nawaz called for the UK to recognise then true ideological nature of the Islamist terrorism it currently faces.

He made reference to the 3,000 people currently under surveillance by the UK's security services and the 23,000 they would like to surveil, resources permitting.

The LBC presenter said: "We're not faced with a traditional war. We're facing a jihadist insurgency.

"It is impossible to deny we are in the midst of an insurgency and insurgencies are primarily ideological.

"This is an ideological struggle against our values.

"So it's even more important for us to stand by our values and defend them, and fight back, against totalitarian and theocratic values."

Watch the full clip above.