Maajid Nawaz Lays Down The Inconvenient Truths About The Migrant Crisis

24 August 2017, 11:27

No matter what side of the political argument you stand, Maajid Nawaz has some inconvenient truths for you about the migrant crisis.

Senior figures in Brussels have warned Europe’s failure to send home rejected asylum seekers is worsening the migrant crisis.

Economic migrants who make the journey across the Mediterranean have a 73 per cent chance of remaining in the EU - even if served with an order to leave, official stats show.

Maajid Nawaz lays down the inconvenient truths about the migrant crisis.
Picture: LBC/PA

On his LBC show, Maajid called on both the Left and Right to consider some inconvenient truths about what needs to be done tackle the issue.

For the liberals, it was looking at how many migrants Europe can take in, differentiating between genuine refugees and economic migrants and a sensible conversation about immigration to avoid the rise of “racist politics”.

For those on the right, Maajid was clear - both international aid and foreign intervention are needed to solve the problem at its source.

“If you don’t do that, then be prepared for the continued flow of migrants, not just to Europe but to the United Kingdom as well,” the LBC presenter finished.

Watch the clip above.