Maajid Nawaz outlines how UK can come out top in EU negotiations

3 September 2020, 12:34

By Fiona Jones

As the UK and EU hit further deadlock in Brexit talks, Maajid Nawaz explains what the Government should do to come out on top.

The UK risks crashing out of the EU without a trade deal by refusing to compromise and break the deadlock in post-Brexit negotiations, Michel Barnier has warned.

Brussels' chief negotiator said on Wednesday that he is "worried and disappointed" after his counterpart in Downing Street, David Frost, did not make any concessions to end the impasse during informal talks.

Maajid, a canvassing Remainer, called for fellow Remainers to think strategically about the future and forget about re-joining the EU as "that will not work."

"Remainers have to pivot to make the best of a bad situation. Why did we want to stay in the EU? We valued international partnerships and...internationalism."

He pointed out that Brexiters looking forward are aiming to strengthen the Five Eyes and CANZUK alliance and Remainers must support this cause.

He continued, "We need to get our trade deal with Japan ratified which is a fantastic deal...and then go with that strengthened hand to the United States first and say we need a deal with you."

With this strengthened deal, he said, the UK can go to the US with leverage and maintain a strict food standards policy.

"We can also say to the US we're not happy with your large tech giants draining our country of money without paying their fair share in tax," Maajid said.

After this, the UK can go to the EU with this clout behind it.

"Too much emotion has clouded our strategic judgement," he said.